Professional teaching and training


The CRMR Wilson participates in courses for the following qualifications:

  • Inter-University Diploma (DIU) in Abnormal Movements and Movement Pathology
  • Specialised Studies Diploma (DES) in Neurology
  • State Diploma (DE) of Doctor of Medicine
  • University Diploma (DU) in the Eye and Internal Medicine
  • University Hospital Diploma (DHU) in Sight and Disability
  • Inter-University Diploma (DIU) in Paediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition
  • University Diploma (DU) in Resuscitation
  • Inter-University Diploma (DIU) in Paediatric Hepatology
  • University Diploma (DU) in Early Psychosis
  • Specialised Studies Diploma (DES) in General Psychiatry
  • State Diploma (DE) in Physiotherapy
  • Master’s degree in Speech Therapy
  • Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology and Psychopathology
  • Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology and Neuropsychology
  • State Diploma (DE) of Nurse
  • University Diploma (DU) in Stuttering and Fluence Disorders, Pluralistic Approaches
  • Inter-University Diploma (DIU) in Hereditary Diseases of Metabolism