The French-Speaking Society for the Study of Wilson’s Disease, which is a charitable organisation, aims to promote actions concerning Wilson’s disease in the context of a French-speaking network, working in collaboration with the National Reference Centre for Wilson’s Disease that was set up in France in 2005:

  • To improve the diagnostic and therapeutic management of patients with Wilson’s disease
  • To initiate and coordinate scientific research projects (pathophysiology, genetics, etc.) and clinical programmes (therapies, rehabilitation techniques…
  • To develop teaching and training in this disease
  • To provide scientific information and disseminate knowledge to physicians, patients and the authorities (symposia, publications, website…)

The Society aims to bring together healthcare professionals in French-speaking countries who are managing this disease, in order to promote these actions: hepatologists-gastroenterologists, neurologists, paediatricians, psychiatrists, ophthalmologists, specialists in internal medicine and physical and rehabilitation medicine, haematologists, biologists, geneticists…

The Society’s long-term aim is to evaluate the prevalence of this disease in French-speaking countries and to set up French-speaking networks of healthcare professionals who are skilled in dealing with Wilson’s disease and can answer the questions posed by patients.

If you would like to become a member of the SFEMW, download the membership form


President Secretaries
M. Bost
Dr Muriel BOST
Centre de Biologie et de Pathologie Est
Dr Aurélia POUJOIS
Hôpital Lariboisière, Service de Neurologie
Dr Fabienne ORY-MAGNE
Hôpital de Purpan, Service de Neurologie
Vice-President Treasurer
C. Valemmens
Hôpital Jean Minjoz, Service d’Hépato-gastroentérologie
A. Lachaux
Hôpital Femme-Mère-Enfant, Service d’Hépato-gastroentérologie

Founding and past Président: Dr France WOIMANT, CRMR WILSON coordinator

Hôpital Lariboisière, Service de Neurologie


TitreNOM PrénomStructureServiceVille Adresse mail
DrARNAUD JosianeCHU de Grenoble Institut de biologie et de pathologie - Dép. Biochimie, Toxicologie et
DrBOST MurielCHU de Lyon - CBPEBiologie moléculaire - CNR
DrBRESSON-HADNI SolangeHépatologieBesanç
DrBRIDOUX-HENNO LaureCHU de RennesGastro-Pé
DrBRISSOT PierreClinique des Maladies du Foie - Hôpital PontchaillouPavillon
PrBROUSSOLLE EmmanuelCHU de Lyon - Hôpital NeurologiqueNeurologie - CNR
DrBRUNET Anne-SophieHôpital Femme-Mère-EnfantHépato-Gastroentérologie Pédiatrique - CNR
DrCALES PaulCHU d'AngersHépato-Gastroenté
DrCHAINE PascalHôpital LariboisièreNeurologie - CNR
DrCHAPPUIS PhilippeLaboratoire de Biochimie (retraité)
DrCOLLET AnnieNeurologueLa
DrCORDIER Marie-PierreHôpital Femme-Mère-EnfantGénétique Clinique - CNR
DrDEBRAY DominiqueHopital Necker - Enfants MaladesHépato-Gastroentérologie Pé
DrDUMORTIER JérômeCHU de Lyon - Hôpital Edouard HerriotService d' Hépato-Gastroentérologie - CNR
DrGINIES Jean-LouisCHU d'AngersPé
PrGOTTRAND FrédéricClinique de Pédiatrie - Hôpital Jeanne de FlandreGastro-Pé
DrGUILLAUD OlivierCHU de Lyon - Hôpital Femme-Mère-EnfantHépato-Gastroentérologie - CNR Wilson
DrHILLAIRE SophieHôpital FochHépato-Gastroenté
DrHILLON PatrickHôpital du BocageHépato-Gastroenté
DrLACAILLE FlorenceHôpital Necker - Enfants MaladesGastro-Hépatologie Pé
PrLACHAUX AlainHôpital Femme-Mère-EnfantHépato-Gastroentérologie Pédiatrique - CNR
PrLAMIREAU ThierryCHU de Bordeaux Gastro-Pé
DrMALLET BernardCHU de la
DrMEISSNER WassiliosCHU de
MmeMEY Flory-AnneHôpital Femme-Mère-EnfantHépato-Gastroentérologie Pédiatrique - CNR WilsonBron
DrMIKOL JacquelineNeurologie (retraitée)
DrMIU NicolaeHôpital. D - Clinique Pédiatrie II - Enfants MaladesCluj-Nopoca
DrMONTAGNON GérardCHU Mâcon - Hôpital des ChanauxPé
DrORY MAGNE FabienneCHU Toulouse -
DrPOUJOIS AuréliaHôpital LariboisièreNeurologie - CNR
DrPOUJOL AlainCH du pays d'Aix Pé
DrPOUPON JoëlHôpital LariboisièreLaboratoire de Toxicologie - CNR
DrRODIERE MichelHôpital Arnaud de VilleneuvePédiatrie
DrSARLES JacquesHôpital de la TimoneHépato-Pé
DrSILVAIN ChristineCHU Poitiers - Hôpital La MilétrieHépato-Gastroenté
Dr SOBESKY Rodolphe Hôpital Paul BrousseCentre Hépato-billiaire - CNR WilsonVillejuif
DrTRANCHANT ChristineHôpitaux
DrTREPO ChristianHôtel DieuHépato-Gastroentérologie Pé
DrTROCELLO Jean-MarcHôpital privé d'
DrVALLA DominiqueHôpital BeaujonHé
DrVANLEMMENS ClaireHôpital Jean MinjozHépato-GastroentérologieBesanç
DrWILLOT StéphanieCHRU Tours - Hôpital pour enfants Clocheville Pé
DrWOIMANT FranceHôpital LariboisièreNeurologie - CNR


The membership fee for the French-Speaking Society for the Study of Wilson’s Disease in 2016 is still €20.
If you would like to join the Society or become involved in its work, please send us:

  1. The membership form
  2. A French cheque payable to the « Société Francophone pour l’Etude de la maladie de Wilson »

to the following address:

Centre de Référence pour la Maladie de Wilson
Unité d’Hépato-Gastro-Entérologie
59 boulevard Pinel
69677 BRON Cedex

You will be sent a receipt once your membership fee has been paid into the bank.


French-speaking countries are a major feature of Europe, first of all, but also other parts of the world such as Quebec, the Middle East, North African countries; tomorrow they will become even more important in Sub-Saharan Africa and South-East Asia. The network aims to foster collaborations in the context of Wilson’s disease with respect to:

  1. its management (diagnosis and treatment)
  2. clinical research
  3. training activities in synergy with local organisations

To encourage exchanges between professionals from France and other countries who are interested in Wilson’s disease, it is essential to create a French-speaking network which can defend and promote this rare disease to institutions, supervisory bodies, healthcare professionals and the general public in all these countries.

The Table below shows the healthcare professionals in different French-speaking countries who have already decided to participate in this network.

NOM PrénomStructureServiceVillePaysEmailTEL
BELBOUAB Reda CHU MustaphaPédiatrieAlgerAlgérieredabelbouab@yahoo.fr00.213.773.445.062
BELKEBIR YasminaCHU BlidaHépatologieBlidaAlgérieybelkebir@hotmail.fr00.
BEN HARIZ MongiCabinetPédiatrieLa Marsa TunisTunisiemongi.benhariz@yahoo.fr00.
CHARFI TRIKI ChahnezEPS Hedi Chaker de SfaxNeuro-pédiatrieSfaxTunisiechahnez08@gmail.com00.
MECHRI AnwarHôpital Universitaire de MonastirPsychiatrieMonastirTunisieanwar_mec@yahoo.fr00.216.98.643.443
SEDKI AzzeddineFaculté des Sciences SemlaliaDépartement de BiologieMarrakechMarocsedki@uca.ma00.212.661.242.361
SFAR Mohamed TaharHopital Tahar SfarPédiatreMahdiaTunisiesfar.medtahar@planet.tn00.216.73.671.579


The purpose of this section is to describe the activities of teams in the French-speaking network on Wilson’s disease and thus provide a clearer understanding of the areas studied by these teams and establish partnerships and collaborative efforts in the context of research, training or information.


DatesTitresOrateursType de communicationColloques/CongrèsVillePays
mai-17Présentation de la Société Francophone pour l'Etude de la Maladie de WilsonBost MCommunication oraleJournées de Formation - Eléments Trace et Maladies Rares - Exemple du CNR wilson et autres maladies rares liées au cuivre en FranceMarrakechMaroc
mai-17Mise en place d'une collaboration et d'un réseau franco-marocain dans le cadre de la SFEMWBost M, Poujois A, Woimant FCommunication oraleJournées de Formation - Eléments Trace et Maladies Rares - Exemple du CNR wilson et autres maladies rares liées au cuivre en FranceMarrakechMaroc
nov-15Update on a human toxicosis, Wilson disease. Place of the Reference Center for Rare Disease Brunet AS, Bost MConférence invitéeInternational Seminar “Ecotoxicology and toxicology: problems and decisions” RovaltainFrance
juin-15Efficiency of molecular analysis of ATP7B gene in diagnosis of Wilson Disease; place of Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) Bost M, Collet C, Piguet-Lacroix G, Brunet AS, Woimant F, Lachaux ACommunication oraleEUROMEDLAB 2015 Post Satellite Meeting - "State of the art in the biology of trace elements and vitamins" ParisFrance
juin-15Reference values for exchangeable copper and REC, new promising biomarkers for diagnosis and treatment-monitoring of Wilson’s disease Bost M, Moulsma M, Teyssier A, Guillaud O, Broussolle E, François-Lion L, Pelosse M, Lachaux A, Brunet ASCommunication affichéeEUROMEDLAB 2015 Post Satellite Meeting - "State of the art in the biology of trace elements and vitamins" ParisFrance
juin-15Screening of Wilson’s disease with ceruloplasmin and serum copper: specificities of psychiatric disorders Bost M, Parant F, Cheillan D, Broussolle E, Pavec A, Guillaud O, Restier L, MOPSY Consortium, Lachaux A, Demily CCommunication affichéeEUROMEDLAB 2015 Post Satellite Meeting - "State of the art in the biology of trace elements and vitamins" ParisFrance
avr-15Place de Trace Elément-Institut pour l’UNESCO et de son réseau international de centres satellites dans le domaine de la Toxicologie Bost MConférence invitéePremières Journées Nationales d’Ecotoxicologie MarrakechMaroc
janv-15Efficacité de l’analyse moléculaire du gène ATP7B dans le diagnostic de la Maladie de WilsonBost MConférence invitéeColloque Maladies Rares liées aux Métaux Essentiels ParisFrance
Exchangeable copper: a new promising biomarker for the diagnosis of Wilson’s diseaseBrunet AS, Guillaud O, Dumortier J, Lion-François L, Pelosse M, Lachaux A, Bost MCommunication orale46th Annual meeting of the ESPGHAN LondonUK
mai-13Efficiency of molecular analysis of ATP7B gene in diagnosis of Wilson diseaseBost M, Collet C, Brunet AS, Lachaux A, Morineau G, Piguet-Lacrix G, Trocello JM, Woimant F, Tinant N, Chappuis PCommunication orale5th International Symposium on Trace Elements and Minerals in Medicine and Biology AvignonFrance
mai-13Exchangeable copper: a new promising biomarker for the diagnosis of Wilson’s diseaseBrunet AS, Guillaud O, Mallet I, Lachaux A, Bost MCommunication orale5th International Symposium on Trace Elements and Minerals in Medicine and Biology AvignonFrance
mai-13EuroWilson, an European network for Wilson disease Trocello JMConférence invitée5th International Symposium on Trace Elements and Minerals in Medicine and Biology AvignonFrance
La Maladie de Wilson : les nouveaux marqueurs Lachaux AConférence invitéeCongrès de la Société Marocaine de GastroEntérologie et Nutrition pédiatrique RabatMaroc
mars-13Le cuivre échangeable : un nouveau marqueur pour le diagnostic de maladie de WilsonBrunet AS, Guillaud O, Dumortier J, Lion-François L, Pelosse M, Lachaux A, Bost M Communication oraleJFHOD 2013 ParisFrance
mars-13Maladie de Wilson pédiatrique en France en 2013 : une cohorte de 104 enfantsBrunet AS, Berthiller J, Pelosse M, Debray D, Habes D, Broue P, Lamireau T, Dabadie A, Gotterand F, Morali A, Vanlemmens C, Tinant N, Sarles J, Lachaux A Communication oraleGFHGNP 2013 ParisFrance
déc-13Intérêt du réseau de centres satellites de Trace Elément-Institut pour l’UNESCO en MéditerranéeBost M, Chazot GConférence invitéeColloque organisé par l’Académie des Sciences, des Arts et des Lettres en partenariat avec l’UNESCO «La créativité dans l’espace méditerranéen : au service de la Paix »ParisFrance
mai-11Modalités de diagnostic et de prise en charge de la Maladie de Wilson à révélation neurologiqueWagner S, Lion-François L, Des Portes V, Bost M, Brunet AS, Lachaux ACommunication affichéeCongrès de la Société Française de Neurochirurgie PédiatriqueSaint-Je-Cap-FerratFrance
avr-11Etude moléculaire de la maladie de Wilson Bost MConférence invitée11èmes Journées Nationales de Biologie Clinique RabatMaroc
sept-10Eléments trace, marqueurs de pathologies : intérêt dans le diagnostic Bost MConférence invitéeCongrès SFVB / SFERETE / ATERET MonastirTunisie
juin-10Molecular diagnosis of Wilson disease by direct sequencing and multiplex ligation-dependent probe amplification (MLPA) analysis in ATP7B gene Bost M, Piguet-Lacroix G, Pelosse M, Lachaux ACommunication orale4th International Symposium on Trace Elements and Minerals in Medicine and BiologySaint-PetersbourgRussie
mars-09Pièges cliniques et génétiques à propos d’une famille wilsonienne Bost MConférence invitée2nd Colloque du Centre de Référence Bernard Pépin pour la Maladie de Wilson ParisFrance
oct-08Mutation analysis in Wilson disease : direct sequencing and identification of gene deletions by Multiplex Ligation-dependent Probe Amplification (MLPA) in ATP7B gene Bost MConférence invitée5th International Meeting «Advances in antioxydants : trace elements, vitamins and polyphenols – molecular mechanisms, nutritional and clinical aspects» MonastirTunisie
sept-08Wilson disease, a copper disorder: an update Bost MConférence invitée3rd International Meeting of the Institute of Metals in Biology of Grenoble on “Metals in Health and Environment”AutransFrance
juil-08Molecular and clinical aspects of Wilson Disease: a 2-year experience of a national Reference Centre for Wilson disease in France Chappuis P, Bost MCommunication orale4th International Conference on Metals and Genetics ParisFrance
mai-08Maladie de Wilson: présentation des différentes structures ministérielles françaises permettant une meilleure prise en charge des patients wilsoniens: Centre de référence maladies rares Wilson et Réseau de génétique moléculaire des maladies héréditaires du métabolisme Bost MConférence invitéeSéminaire SFERETE LyonFrance
mars-08Résultats à long terme de la transplantation hépatique pour Maladie de Wilson : l’expérience lyonnaise Pabon V, Dumortier J, Gincul R, Baulieux J, Ducerf C, Trépo C, Souquet JC, Zoulim F, Paliard P, Boillot O, Bost M, Lachaux ACommunication affichéeJournées Francophones de Pathologie Digestive ReimsFrance
mars-07Apport de la biologie moléculaire dans le diagnostic de la maladie de Wilson Bost MConférence invitée1er Colloque du Centre National de Référence Bernard pépin pour la maladie de WilsonParisFrance
mai-04New polymorphic short tandem repeats for haplotype analysis of Wilson diseaseBost M, Sanna G, Boutrand L, Latour P, Sarcey A, Locatelli M-P, Vandenberghe ACommunication affichéeSecond International Symposium on Trace Elements and Minerals in Medicine and Biology MunichGermany
mai-04Génétique moléculaire de la Maladie de Wilson : identification de nouveaux marqueurs microsatellites pour l’analyse d’haplotypesBost M, Sanna G, Boutrand L, Latour P, Sarcey A, Locatelli M-P, Vandenberghe ACommunication affichéeAssises de génétique Humaine et MédicaleAngersFrance


nov-13Diagnostic de la maladie de Wilson et  présentation d’un cas cliniqueBrunet ASJournée de formation du GFHGNPClujRoumanie
juin-11Les éléments trace, marqueurs de pathologies : intérêt dans le diagnosticBost MJournées de formation organisées par Trace Elément-Institut pour l’UNESCO et l’Université des Sciences Semlalia de Marrakech sur le thème « L’iode et le Fer »
juin-11Les surcharges en fer : hémochromatoses héréditaires et autres hypersidérémiesBost MJournées de formation organisées par Trace Elément-Institut pour l’UNESCO et l’Université des Sciences Semlalia de Marrakech sur le thème « L’iode et le Fer »
juin-11Métabolisme du Fer – marqueurs biologiques d’une carence martiale et d’une surcharge en ferBost MJournées de formation organisées par Trace Elément-Institut pour l’UNESCO et l’Université des Sciences Semlalia de Marrakech sur le thème « L’iode et le Fer » MarrakechMaroc
juin-09Exploration des déficits : quels marqueurs choisir ?Bost MJournée de formation organisée par Trace Elément-Institut pour l’UNESCO sur le thème « Eléments trace essentiels : quels besoins, quelles conséquences des carences et quelles solutions apporter ? » LyonFrance


2005-2007 : research study on « Involvement of trace elements and oxidative stress in neurological and neurodegenerative diseases» funded in the context of the Franco-Tunisian Joint University Cooperation Committee. Study carried out in collaboration with the team led by Professor Kerkéni, Biochemistry Laboratory, Faculty of Medicine, Monastir (Tunisia).


Usefulness of assaying exchangeable copper when diagnosing and following Wilson’s disease. Isabelle MALLET.

Thesis for State Doctorate in Pharmacy, defended in 2013, ISPB Lyon I.

Copper metabolism and Wilson’s disease: a bioanalytical approach using plasma from healthy subjects and patients with the disease. Determination of biological markers for monitoring and diagnosis. Souleiman EL BALKHI.

Thesis for University PhD defended in 2010, Université René Descartes, Paris.

Study of trace elements in a population of young children in the city of Marrakesh. Farida ZAIDA.

Thesis for University PhD defended on 12 January 2008, Université Cadi Ayyad (Pr A. Sedki), Université Cadi Ayyad (Professor A. Sedki), Semlalia Faculty of Sciences, Marrakesh (Morocco).

M. Bost, member of the jury.

Study of the transfer of metal trace elements (Al, Cd, Cu, Pb, Se and Zn) in the food chain of a mining area in the region of Marrakesh. Yassir BARKOUCH.

Thesis for University PhD defenced on 14 December 2007, Université de Nantes, Faculty of Pharmacy – Thesis project in collaboration with Prof. A. Sedki, Semlalia Faculty of Sciences, Marrakesh (Morocco).

M. Bost, rapporteur and member of the jury.

Contribution of biology and molecular genetics to the diagnosis of Wilson’s disease: a retrospective study of ten families presenting with an hepatic form of the disease. Mickaël CURIEL.

Thesis for State Doctorate in Pharmacy, defended in 2005, ISPB Lyon I.


DatesTitresRevues/Journaux scientifiquesAuteurs
août-13Epstein-Barr virus-associated smooth muscle tumors in a composite tissue allograft and a pediatric liver transplant recipientTranspl Infect Dis.Conrad A, Brunet AS, Hervieu V, Chauvet C, Buron F, Collardeau-Frachon S, Rivet C, Cassier P, Testelin S, Lachaux A, Morelon E, Thaunat O
juin-13Serum copper, zinc and selenium levels in Tunisian patients with Parkinson’s diseaseTunis Med.Younes-Mhenni S, Aissi M, Mokni N, Boughammoura-Bouatay A, Chebel S, Frih-Ayed M, Kerkeni A, Bost M, Chazot G, Sfar MT, Sfar MH
août-07Altered antioxidant defense system in clinically stable patients with schizophrenia and their unaffected siblingsProg Neuropsychopharmacol Biol PsychiatryBen Othmen L, Mechri A, Fendri C, Bost M, Chazot G, Gaha L, Kerkeni A
juin-07Peripheral blood markers of oxidative stress in Parkinson’s diseaseEur Neurol.Younes-Mhenni S, Frih-Ayed M, Kerkeni A, Bost M, Chazot G


To encourage collaborations between French-speaking teams, do not hesitate to submit proposals to the SFEMW that concern French-speaking countries.


Among its other interventions, the OIF can provide funding or support for the implementation of projects. Submissions must concern activities included in its programming and contribute to achieving its objectives.

Public calls for projects are announced by the OIF once or several times a year, in the context of its fund fed by the organisation’s budget and, in some cases, by voluntary contributions from its member states and governments.

To consult the calls for projects, click here


The « TOUBKAL » Hubert Curien Partnership (Partenariat Hubert Curien, PHC) is a bilateral scientific cooperation programme sponsored by the French Ministries for Foreign Affairs and International Development and Education, Higher Education and Research (MENESR) on the one hand, and the Moroccan Ministry for Higher Education, Scientific Research and Management Training on the other.

TOUBKAL is designed to meet three specific objectives:

  1. To foster collaborations and exchanges between research scientists and teacher-researchers in the two countries that will underpin long-term collaborations, create networks, enable joint access to existing international networks or participate in European projects
  2. To support training in research through the obligatory involvement of a jointly-supervised doctoral candidate in the projects
  3. To assist in adding value to innovative research that will have an impact on sustainable development, manufacturing sectors and their facilities or processes that will lead to the transfer and exploitation of results

This PHC funds the mobility of research scientists and jointly-supervised doctoral candidates in projects submitted jointly by French and Moroccan teams. It concerns themes that comply with the orientations of Moroccan scientific policies and those of the Rabat Declaration of the 5+5 Dialogue. TOUBKAL notably offers support for research concerning production (foods, materials, energy), and preservation and enhancement of the environment (with priority being given to the challenges of the COP 21 (Paris) and COP 22 (Marrakesh), and contributions to the health and well-being of humans and animals.

For more information, click here


As the most important actor in Francophone university cooperation, the Francophone University Agency (Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie, AUF) is an international, worldwide association that groups universities, specialised schools, academic networks and scientific research centres which use French as their main language. With a network of 817 members in 106 countries, it is one of the most important associations of higher education and research institutions in the world.

It is also the operator for higher education and research which acts for the Francophonie Summit. Thus, within its area of competence, it implements the resolutions adopted by the Conference of Heads of States and Governments that share French as their first language.

Its mission: to support scientific excellence to serve the development of society.

In order to support the training of skilled actors in all areas of development, the Francophone University Agency aims to contribute to the broadening and structuring of training opportunities for its members while continuing to underpin internationalisation of the university movement.

For the period 2014-2017, work in favour of this fundamental mission of universities focuses on two objectives, through specific types of support:

1/ To support the diversification and strengthening of training for professional qualifications, and encourage the academic mobility of teachers and students.

This support includes: the identification and redeployment of new training areas, the development of training courses in high-priority fields (Centres of Excellence) and the continuing training of individuals (according to the IFADEM (Francophone Initiative for Teacher Distance Training model), and assistance for the mobility of students and teachers.

2/ To encourage the training and development of teacher-researchers in post.

Support includes: the development of doctoral schools and colleges, and the training of staff in the field of pedagogic innovation.

For more information, click here


This page offers the Francophone network an opportunity to publicise recent news on Wilson’s disease.

35th Franco-Maghrebin Congress of Psychiatry

Oran was chosen as the site for this 35th Franco-Maghrebin Congress of Psychiatry, for several excellent reasons. It offers a subtle combination of the image of a city that is both a crossroads for different cultures and a symbol of openness, and a congress whose theme also aims to lie at a crossroads for modern psychiatry between its advances and expectations and its doubts and uncertainties.

Thus, reflected by this city as a convergence of numerous divergences, marked by a spirit of tolerance enriched by all its differences, this 35th congress offers both multidisplinarity and interdisciplinarity, assembling a wealth of experience in a broad range of areas of expertise.

Is it not said that « there is more to learn from a crossroads than from all the avenues that lead to it »?

This congress will take place on 13 & 14 October 2016 in Oran, Algeria.

For more information, click here

15th Encephale Congress

This congress will take place from 18 to 20 January 2017 at the Palais des Congrès in Paris.

For more information, click here